Artwork and Reproduction

All stages of production are conducted within our Company, and it all starts with us receiving the artwork file. Thanks to our expert staff and appropriate equipment, all required work files are prepared by our Company for the approval process, and following the approval of the artworks, the related work files are sent to the prepress department. Works that are approved in this section are transferred to printing plates via the CtP Machine. The printing phase begins following approval from the Quality Control Department.


Thanks to our technological infrastructure, experienced staff and extensive machine park, our printing department can meet all kinds of requirements. Our aim is aim to prevent faulty products and production through in-process controls that are carried out in accordance with our quality processes.


Products to be lacquered are produced as UV lacquered or dispersion lacquered according to customer request.


After being cut in the cutting section, lacquered products are transferred to the gluing section.


Gluing machines give products conveyed to the gluing section their three-dimensional form, and the electronic reader prevents any nonconformities or potential errors that may occur in the boxes, thereby detecting any defective boxes and terminating the production process without any errors.


Products whose final checks have been completed are then shipped to the specified delivery addresses, along with their product analysis certificates, promptly and problem-free.