Kutaş Basım Ambalaj began operations in 1987 with a core staff of six, in a 100m2 area located in Maltepe.

Due to its customer-oriented management philosophy, in order to meet ever-expanding customer needs in line with its new targets, our Company renewed its machine park and extended the number of employees to 25 in 1989, with the aim of strengthening its technological infrastructure by directing investments towards innovation and qualified personnel.

In 2017, Kutaş Management decided to relocate to the factory to Büyükbakkalköy in order to boost its recognition in the pharmaceutical sector, and to respond to customer needs more rapidly, while maintaining high quality standards.

Since 1987, our Company has been providing services to the pharmaceutical sector, as well as various others, and today the Company has grown to 80 employees.

In addition to the pharmaceutical sector, which is regarded as one of the highest-risk sectors, Kutaş has been providing services in the fields of food, cosmetics, textiles and cleaning products since its establishment. Today, Kutaş serves many sector-leading customers with its dedicated approach, and aims to become one of the leading companies in the sector.